It’s been about a year since The Gooch Palms picked up stumps and moved overseas to further their career and those of us here in Australia have been waiting with baited breath to hear from the group. January of 2015 saw the release of a 7” with songs ‘Trackside Daze’ and ‘Sleep Disorder’ and just under nine months later we now have a new single called ‘Slow Burner’.

This song is accurately titled for a few reasons. First, the song seems to hint at the waiting game fans have played while waiting for The Gooch Palms’ U.S. sojourn to bear musical fruit. Second, the song itself plays like a bit of a slow burn itself – plodding and moody, very much different from the frenetic pace that the duo typically sets. ‘Trackside Daze’ has an up-tempo feel and ‘Sleep Disorder’ was another great slice of snotty garage punk. ‘Slow Burner’ is another animal and I’m not sure I like it. It seems less of an actual single and more of a message/warning to fans. Check out these lyrics:

It’ll take some time for it to sink in
I know
It always does 

‘Slow Burner’ doesn’t really have any of the quirk or the scrappiness that I’ve come to love and appreciate about The Gooch Palms sound. It plays as more of a warning that the direction is changing and it might put off some fans (guilty). This song doesn’t break shackles or even shake the chains, it’s not a bad song but it’s just not that great either. I’ll follow the lyrical instructions and wait it out. As singer Leroy croons: “Hold out, don’t fold now. Patience is a virtue.” I