Like a crisp New Zealand breeze, the opening riff of ‘Pedestrian Support League’ from Auckland’s Street Chant is refreshing and invigorating. The trend continues for the rest of the song as the trio blast out an honest and catchy ode to the frustrating elements of life. Complaints litter the lyrics penned and vocalised by Emily Littler (who released a solo cassette EP as Emily Edrosa last year) but the undeniable catchiness of the song keeps things light and easily digestible.

Urban malaise and societal disappointments are prominent; lyrical fragments that exemplify the tone such as “My friends seeking existence, or commitment or even just a job”, “stay low, fighting my echo, stealing my soul, don’t think that I don’t know” and “everyone dresses like us nowadays” paint a drab picture, communicated well by Littler’s bummed-out deadpan vocals. This is a great song that strikes similarities with many on the Flying Nun roster as well as earnest Australian indie-popsters such as Babaganouj.

Street Chant will have a new album out in November through Arch Hill Recordings and Flying Nun. I can’t wait.