My continuously advancing age tends to make me increasingly jealous of talented youngsters, and some of the most talented young musicians are in Brisbane band The Goon Sax. The trio recently signed to Chapter Music and have put forth their first official single through the label this week – ‘Sometimes Accidentally’. The song is incredibly composed, in song structure and overall poise. It’s easily listenable and holds up well to repeated listens, which is a testament to the skill of the teenage musicians.

The song is an honest and unassuming thought spill of unrequited affection, selfless longing and revelations formed through low self esteem. Aesthetically listless and plodding ‘Sometimes Accidentally’ might sound mundane from the outset but becomes more and more charming as the earnestness becomes apparent. Hormonal confusion, romanticised observation and depreciating and disparaging remarks aimed at the self makes the whole song sound genuine, and honestly I doubt these kids know how to be anything but genuine.

Expect to hear this song a lot in the coming months, and also be prepared to fall in love with The Goon Sax and their brand of honest, wide-eyed music.