A few days back this new Summer Flake track was premiered on KCRW by Henry Rollins – a pretty big deal for any independent musician and it probably couldn’t have happened to a better one. ‘The Sun Won’t Shine’ is an honest and fresh look at some of the inner conflicts experienced by those growing up (read: everyone). This track is sliced from Summer Flake’s upcoming EP, Time Rolls By, out on October 9 through Rice Is Nice (who are killing it currently).

It’s a buzzy affair, one that opens delicately but doesn’t take long to burst open into hearty fuzz. The tune dips in and out of amplified haze, reverting to a slow bass bob and drum patter while also indulging in a nice bit of guitar noodling throughout. Steph Crase’s vocals are crisp and great on the ears – the whole arrangement sounds a bit like Major Leagues with tussled hair and a scuzzy lean.

‘The Sun Won’t Shine’ deals with uncertainty and emotional turmoil; of moving somewhere new or staying in the same place and the consequences of either choice. A huge shift might be a huge mistake, but staying where you are might leave you in a rut. This is exemplified when Steph sings “they say to may make big plans, let your bygones be, just forget all your fears and move overseas. But if I decide to stay I wont fill up the tank, I’ll only drive as far as my best friends house and back again.” What’s one to do? Make a choice or have it made for you? As for what will happen, as Steph says ‘no one knows what tomorrow will bring’.