The Harpoons made most of Australia swoon with their last album, filled with impeccable R&B sensibilities and sharp vocalisms pertaining to affection and disconnection. The Melbourne four-piece is back with ‘Ready For Your Love’, another great piece of MIDI-laced loveliness. The group has crafted a rhythmic and lush arrangement that serves to lift up Bec Rigby’s stunning vocals. Bouncy and light, ‘Ready For Your Love’ is an easy a listen as anything from Falling For You, and the nod to a new gospel influence hasn’t gone unnoticed. Matt and Mohini from HABITS and Phoebe Stretton-Smith were recruited to lend some vocals and it helps create a fuller choir-like sound.

While the song adds some new flourishes and nice touches, conceptually it re-treads the same ground that The Harpoons explored in details on Falling For You. It’s harsh to criticise a song that comments on the willingness to find love and sounds so good doing it – but the trials, tribulations, intimate moments and heart flutters associated with intense affection seemed to be the major focus of Falling For You, and I’m just not sure that there is that much more to say about it. I might be jumping the gun with my wariness – because it’s hard to not like The Harpoons – but I can’t see the music carrying another album all about the gooey feelings of love. I don’t know what else would suit lyrically, but perhaps more of an examination of inter-personal relationships that are cracking, or an exploration of heartbreak might make for an interesting listen when paired with the effervescent nature of the music.