terrible truths

Acclaimed three-piece Terrible Truths are finally coming good on the promise of a more substantial offering in the form of a full-length album. If one can ignore the rapturous cries of joy and withstand the whirlwind of collective sighs of relief, one might notice that Terrible Truths put out a taster a few weeks back. ‘The Coast Is Clear’ is a pulse-quickening song of unyielding thrum and taught rhythm. Propelled by a meaty bass line and counterbalanced by hypnotic vocalisms from Rani Rose and Stacey Wilson, the song is a blink-and-you-might-miss-it affair, but it manages to make an impact in the 1 minute and 59 seconds of life.

‘Don Juan’ which featured on Terrible Truth’s split with Hissey Miyake is, in my opinion, Terrible Truth’s gleaming gem in their limited catalogue. Although I don’t think ‘The Coast Is Clear’ matches the easy cool of ‘Don Juan’, it does add a nice urgency to the mix that I really dig. The gloom and malaise still sits deep in this sound, but perhaps the quicker pace points towards inner frustration and anger – perhaps Terrible Truths have found some jagged purchase in the murk they wallow in. Towards the end of the track where the guitars tighten and jab with pointedness is when you know that if this song is anything to go by the album is sure to be a thrilling listen.

Look for the Terrible Truths album in October, out through Bedroom Suck.