Melbourne’s My Disco is one of those bands that has left a lasting impression on the Australian music landscape, maintaining cult status even in the midst of a long hiatus. ‘King Sound’ is the newest single released from the band from their forthcoming LP, Severe, their first record in five years since their 2012 effort, Little Joy. ‘King Sound’ brings the clang, the thunder, the weight, the dread and the fear of something menacing. It does so much with so little and it rumbles in my insides each time I hit play.

Structurally, ‘King Sound’ is pretty simple. It kicks off with a prang, then softens into a small buzz before erupting to life again around 30 seconds in. The bass and drum pound and throb in synchronicity and turns my organs to mush. The soft murmur of the words ‘king sound’ are unsettling and give nothing away as to the songs intent except maybe emphasising the point that this is a big sound, king-sized. The song ends by returning to the electrical buzz, or perhaps that’s just a residual effect of the aural pummelling by brain received. Good god, what a forceful re-emergence!