Brisbane’s four-piece, Love Signs, create shiny and melodic pop that wouldn’t be out of place sound tracking an intimate gathering for dimly lit saloon. Their wistful and emotive music is simultaneously nostalgic and current while communicating heartache, earnestness and daydreaming. ‘Not Used To Losing’ is the newest song to be released as a single and, to me, it’s a song that communicates adoration in two different ways.

First is the literal interpretation of going after what you want, regardless of the consequences – seizing opportunities and believing in one’s self. Second, is a bit sadder, the pining after a love that wont eventuate. Jealousy of others, possessive tendencies, the thoughts that bubble to the surface after a few drinks, it’s all there between the lines if you care to read deeper.

Hearing about the successes of others overshadowing your own, pettiness and pretension among friends, being ignored accidentally (or intentionally) – things just aren’t working out like you thought they would. The chorus talks like advice to an overly-ambitious friend, encouraging them to follow their heart even though it might not work out.  Perhaps you wish you had more of their blind confidence, maybe you are just telling them what they want to hear. ‘Not Used To Losing’ can speak to listeners in a few ways, meaning it’s an effective song – if you’re wounded you might find something to relate to or if you are intent on getting what you want then you might find encouragement also. It’s up to you.

Love Signs will launch their single at The Foundry on August 21.