‘Favourite Place’ by Dianas is an intense and ethereal ode to the reclusive nature of love and adoration between lovers; the safety felt within another’s arms and the need to remain within reach. It’s a moody song – illuminated by dim lights and imbued with a heady, cloying atmosphere. ‘Favourite Place’ is propelled by some pulsating bass and layered vocals, cooing almost sinisterly.

Lyrical fragments paint a picture of a deep and passionate bond, perhaps so strong as to bypass anything else. Phrases such as ‘hold me in close, don’t go’ and ‘we’ll stay here out of reach, bury yourself in me’ convey an extreme need of the other – a need to hold and be held.

The embrace of another is comforting, enveloping, but the tone of the tune makes it sound somewhat unhealthy, oppressive or calculating. I love the song and I like the duality of tone – I don’t know if I missed the mark on my observations but perhaps thinking of ‘Favourite Place’ in this way indicates that it is a song with depth, the kind that I like.

Dianas will be releasing their self-titled LP next month, a record that will feature previous cuts such as ‘Good Enough Girl’ and ‘1000 Years’ – both of which are exceptional songs.