kitchens floor cover

Matt Kennedy has released a new song to celebrate news of a forthcoming Kitchen’s Floor record. ‘Sundowner’ is a slow, plodding grind that seems to be an ode to Brisbane. It’s a vitriolic spew that sounds like trash compactor trying to compress a mass of cymbals, organs and humans. It’s most likely the third cut from Battle Of Brisbane (out on Bruit Direct Disques, Hozac and Eternal Soundcheck next month) after the two tracks on side A of July’s cassette EP, ‘Resident Dregs’ and ‘Strength’.

Earlier KF albums lived in the scrappy spectrum of the fidelity scale, and were propelled by dustbin-level percussion, buoyed mainly by guitar. ‘Sundowner’ and ‘Resident Dregs’ are entirely different animals, perhaps more menacing and oppressive. ‘Sundowner’ listens like a crazed rallying cry, a call to arms to defend the city from insidious forces, breeding from without and within. Cries of ‘defend the streets’, ‘defend the front’ are bellowed and howled as the death-march rhythm propels the song forward. Perhaps the Brisbane Matt prefers is changing, new skyscrapers, boutique bars and cafes are popping up and maybe Matt is all too aware of the yuppie gentrification.

‘When are they gonna leave, I hate everybody here’. Matt’s thoughts are clear on the subject, war is afoot and Battle Of Brisbane will be the weapon with which war will be waged.