It hasn’t been long since we last heard from You Beauty, seeing as their previous LP Jersey Flegg was released through Rice Is Nice in October of 2014. Already the wheels are in motion for a second LP, coming later this year through Rice Is Nice again, and they gave everyone a taste a few weeks back with the first single, ‘ILLYWHACKA’.

Although the nonsensical title might not give much up, press material that has been passed my way informs me that the second LP, also called ILLYWHACKA follows a storyline – much like the heartbreaking tale of a past-his-prime football player, which was the basis of Jersey Flegg. ILLYWHACKA seems to be flowing along a more sinister current, examining the relationship between an online dating scammer and his unwitting prey. While it will have to wait for the album’s release to see how the story plays out, ‘ILLYWHACKA’ the single gives us insight into the repugnant mind of the online menace.

The song opens with a smooth guitar line and a bouncy bass line, before Will Farrier’s vocals come to the fore. The song details the ease the online prowler finds in persuading unsuspecting targets with loving words and deliberately manipulative lines. The character’s inner monologue begins with the lines “I love you. It rolls right across my tongue, easy as a Sunday in the sun – though I’m a non-believer”, while in the main refrain in the chorus Will sings “but if my heart seems cold, my tongue remains sweet”. Lines like this mix well with the skewed yet smooth musicianship, hopelessly slick but aware of its affect on others. I hope the album is filled with more songs just like it, and is another collection of songs examining lonesome figures on society’s outer.

You Beauty will be performing at The Milk Factory in Brisbane on Saturday, August 8.

Image by Dean Swindell.