Laced in sweaty fever heat is the first drawling tune from Angie (Angela Garrick / Angela Bermuda) – ‘Down For The Count’ from the forthcoming LP, Free Agent. It is the second single from the artist who has played in a plethora of bands, from Straight Arrows, Ruined FortuneCircle Pit and Gloss. Angie has seemingly crafted the perfect amalgam of blues-heavy rock and sun-beaten twang. Much like Angie’s previous record, Turning, the new output has been recorded with the assistance of Owen Penglis.

Plodding and considered, ‘Down For The Count’ is a more restrained track when compared to the heavy hitting style of previous single, ‘Out Of Age’. Where ‘Out Of Age’ sprang forth with formidable drive, ‘Down For The Count’ down shifts the gears and cruises to a nice groove. It’s all desert dust and restless wandering, hitchhiking and train hopping in search for a place to rest. ‘Down For The Count’ explores sleep, dreaming, weariness and being too knocked out to function and the possible solace found in deep sleep or the adverse effects of sleep deprivation. Lyrics such as “gotta get a grip on my own mind” and “I gotta get back to my dream, where nothing ever ends” helps to communicate the relationship between vivid dreaming and waking life.

Free Agent will be released on September 4 through Rice Is Nice. There is also a clip, which you can watch here.