This six-track demo from Sydney’s Tim and the Boys is a great slice of dystopian punk, with guitars, bass and synths ordered by the unrelenting click-clack of a drum machine.

Tim and the Boys is a four-piece punk band that has careened around Sydney for a year. The group boasts members of Housewives and Dead Farmers and cranks out a fast-paced, aggressive repetition. The group recorded and released a demo tape in June called Hard Won and in typical fashion I’m late to the party but it’s worth shining what dim light I can cast on it anyway.

In a few words, Tim and the Boys are a fun blend of static-laced hardcore and cantankerous speed punk, backed in recorded form by a drum machine which adds order to the chaos and turns the demo into a soundtrack of regimented dissent. The songs march ahead, rarely stopping for respite, burning through the six tracks with nought a moment to collect your thoughts. As it’s a demo the tracks were never expected to be the clearest of cuts but the songs are recorded well enough to capture the snarling twang of the guitar, the underlying rumble of the bass and the discordant electrical buzz of the synth. It’s the synth element that creates the most unease due to the seemingly constant and unavoidable generator-esque hum. It permeates the sound and leaves my ears fuzzy after listening.

The songs on the demo are damn great, with ‘Two Cowboys’, ‘I Wait’ and ‘Hear Us’ being standouts in my opinion. Tim Collier’s punchy vocalisms suit the style, and he manages to convey loathing and menace appropriately. Overall, the six tracks are a great taster of a group that is still finding its place in the thriving Australian punk scene. The regimented buzz saw electrical elements are one of the unique elements that I am clinging to and I hope that aspect remains. No idea when we’ll hear more from the group, social media presence is non-existent besides a Soundcloud, so buggered if I know where they’ll pop up next (I would be remiss to forget this gig though). Find yourself nodding in time to the beat and realise you were subconsciously agreeing this demo is good.