Emerging from the murky underbelly of Sydney’s punk scene with a new track is Ghastly Spats. The four-piece has released a string of hazardous punk tunes over the years and is gearing up to vomit up a few more in form of an LP on R.I.P. Society Records. ‘Obsessed’ is the first track to be unveiled from the forthcoming album entitled Spinozism Exorcism. The R.I.P. Society Soundcloud offer little information on what to expect aside from a simple #mutant hash-tag. The song is indeed a great example of mutated post-punk from one of Australia’s preeminent creators of unquiet clang.

‘Obsessed’ kicks off with a wall of warbling dissonance, before settling over the duration into suitably gutter-dwelling, guttural and gut-busting noise. The raw turbulence is only slightly mitigated by the vocal interjections of Lincoln Brown, who stomps through the song with some kind of punk panache. The tune makes the ears ring but is enjoyable if you are into anything abrasive. Spinozism Exorcism is set to be released on July 31.