Leisure Suite is a Melbourne-based electronic duo that has been making significant strides over the past year thanks to a formula of clean production and earworm vocals. Working with Deaf Ambitions to release their second EP, the duo put forth ‘Sweet Gin’, a delicate and precious tune that conveys emotional instability, yearning and vulnerability. A pattering beat buoys some low-key ambient noise, but all is overshadowed by the heart-wrenching croon of Bridgette Le.

Thematically, ‘Sweet Gin’ dabbles in the areas of dependence, insecurity and denial – of a fragile soul on the brink of a beautiful collapse. Dependence on another, struggle in the face of change, fear at the uncertain future ahead, pleading to keep things as they were – all sentiments that are conveyed to me through the opulent soundscapes and melodious vocal harmonies. Lyrical fragments such as “tell me what I want to hear”, “anything to get me by”, “I just need a helping hand”, “tell me that things wont change” and “I lie to let it go” are phrases that are used to translate the heartbreak and disarray being experienced.

The song is gorgeously tragic and is a striking offering to kick off the preamble to Leisure Suite’s next release. Leisure Suite’s sophomore EP will be available later in the year through Deaf Ambitions, who are kicking goals in 2015.