Around October last year, Gold Class entered the scene with a 7” that was confined to a limited pressing. I wasn’t overwhelmed by their brand of stir-crazy post punk but I couldn’t dismiss them outright as they had a lot of promise. Last week the band put forth ‘Life As A Gun’, and it is a more immediate and gripping track. There seems to be more to chew on with this track compared to ‘Michael’ and ‘Gone’ from the previous Gold Class 7”. While ‘Michael’ was a bit more plodding and moody, ‘Life As A Gun’ bounces and springs with activity, tempered only by Adam Curley’s deep vocalisms.

Taut in sound and tense in mood, ‘Life As A Gun’ is a bit unlike most post punk currently floating around Australia. Adam Curley’s voice is captivating; contemplative yet urgent – he sounds like Morrissey if Morrissey ate meat or if David Gahan dropped synth-pop for post punk. It’s hard to get a handle on the lyrics with this one, but the delivery sounds great. The bass is clean and audible, rumbling with intensity while the guitars coil and create unease. As the song builds so does my heartbeat until the hand that grips my throat releases its hold suddenly at 3:21.

Gold Class have recently signed to Spunk Records to release their debut LP in Australia (and felte for Europe / US) to be released later in the year.