It’s been a while between drinks for Brisbane’s Major Leagues. It’s easy to understand seeing as state lines separate the principal songwriters and half the band are small-business owners now but it’s nice to hear something new. The band recently celebrated signing with Popfrenzy Records and is getting closer to releasing a new EP through the storied label. ‘Someone Sometime’ is the first tune released from the new batch of material, and while it doesn’t divert far from what we’ve already heard from Major Leagues it’s an enjoyable song overall.

The song speaks to me of loneliness and the behaviour one appropriates when left alone. It talks to me about indulging in some reckless behaviour to compensate for the lack of stability afforded by being with another soul. Perhaps the lack of the better half leads to some poor self-care practices. The main refrain goes roughly like this:

I can’t get what I need, someone to take care of me / I’m heavy like a stone, how far can it be thrown

Musically, ‘Someone Sometime’ layers the noise thickly but decorates heavy fuzz with sparkly top notes. The vocals convey boredom and flatness, helping to communicate the dullness of solitude without making the song boring itself. Major Leagues have always been able to communicate emotional ennui and this song is no exception. It’s not slacker-pop, it’s more world-weary and candid than that. Looking upward and beyond, it’s nice to have Major Leagues back on the radar.