Last year saw Deaf Wish put forth their first release through Sub Pop Records, St. Vincent EP, a small yet potent offering that made bones tremble and floors shake. The Melbourne foursome have emerged again in the lead-up to releasing Pain, their next LP which will also be released through Sub Pop and Inertia. Following the mantra that “simple works best” the group has kept things neat on ‘They Know’, the first single from Pain.

One and a half minutes of frenetic clang and churning guitar, ‘They Know’ is a short-and-sweet tune that is abrupt yet elegant in its directness. The whirlwind of instrumentation is tempered slightly by the despondent croon of Sarah Hardiman, emoting only resignation as the grind carries her voice downward. It’s hard not to revel in the immediacy and the force that Deaf Wish is intent on delivering. The foursome are consciously choosing not to waste anyone’s time with fluff and decadence and Pain is shaping up to be an enjoyable blow delivered with a clenched fist. Also worth a listen is ‘Eyes Closed’, another scrappy and agitated two minutes of bloodied distress.

Pain will be released on August 7 on Sub Pop and Inertia, mixed by Mikey Young and mastered by April Golden at Golden Mastering.