I don’t know much about Tongue Numbers, but I don’t need to. This music tells me what I need to know. I know they are cantankerous, unsettled and agitated (I also know they are a three-piece from Melbourne if you really need the info). ‘Paralysis’ is a scathing punk ditty that has been scalped from the group’s forthcoming debut LP, Clay. ‘Paralysis’ is scornful and poisonous, thick and sludgy in a moment and deceptively groovy in others.

The group labels itself as “psychedelic” but this song doesn’t contain many psychoactive elements – unless you can get a trip by injecting diesel into your arm because this is what it would sound like. This track is fuelled by self-loathing, propelled by envy and bitterness. The song opens with the lead vocalist growling that he wishes he could see and feel things the way others do, for things to be as easy for him as it seems for others. The repeated plea to “take me down” is laced with unnerving malice, backed by buzzing guitar and efficient drumming. Tongue Numbers released a self-titled EP in April that contains similarly bristly tunes – worth a listen if you can dig it.