This one is a very pleasant surprise. I’d heard of Uncle Bobby only recently and hadn’t had a chance to investigate his music until the cool people at Deaf Ambitions plopped a link to this track right into my inbox. Uncle Bobby is the name of Robert Downie, a very fresh-faced musician with oodles of talent and a fascinating approach to dreamy psych. His new single, ‘My Mind Is Already Gone’ is a spacey trip that manages to transport while not getting lost in its own whimsy.

I had to overcome a bout of cantankerous jealousy after finding out that Uncle Bobby is only 18 years of age, but you have to hand it to the kid – he has crafted a very nice tune here. The press material points out influences from Tame Impala and Connan Mockasin and you can hear it in every sitar note and reverb drenched vocal melody. You can probably tell by the photo but Uncle Bobby doesn’t look much like your stereotypical Kevin Parker-esque longhair. His ‘fresh out of grammar school’ appearance might throw some people off but ‘My Mind Is Already Gone’ proves that guy has the potential to psych out with the best of them. This single is remarkably well contained and concise, and the restraint is a good choice to begin with. I use the term ‘restraint’ loosely because this isn’t a straightforward jam, but it’s very easy to lose interest in a far-out sound when it’s too over indulgent. No problem for Uncle Bobby so far.

Safe bet that Deaf Ambitions has picked another winner with Uncle Bobby and I am curious to hear more once his EP comes out in the second half of 2015.