Dogs At Bay WEB

If you haven’t been following this blog for the past couple of years, you might not have noticed that I love Bad//Dreems. Their signature brand of heat-stricken rock strikes a chord in the more aggro sections of my brain and it’s been a real pleasure to hear the band hone in on that style so well. This week the band announced that they will finally be releasing their long-awaited debut LP, Dogs at Bay and have got tongues wagging with a slew of singles in recent months, ‘Dumb Ideas’, ‘Cuffed & Collared’ and the new spanker, ‘Hiding To Nothing’.

One thing that has been apparent since Bad//Dreems staggered into our consciousness with ‘Caroline’ is how they’ve managed to make their dirty sound so clean, however this may be the first song of theirs that shows off a bit of polish from a recording stand-point. Ben Marwe’s vocals are especially prominent in the mix, bringing it front-and-centre and using his rasp as a recognisable focal point. His voice had always been prominent, but to me it had been set on level with the instrumentation – this time he is singing/screaming/howling his guts out and it sounds great. As per the norm, the band is on fine form – usual elements of heat exhaust, no air-con and sweat under the collar.

According to the presser, Dogs At Bay see’s Bad//Dreems reflecting on their hometown and the doldrums of living in Adelaide. ‘Hiding To Nothing’ and the entire record was recorded with Mark Optiz, a maestro who worked on music from INXS, AC/DC and Cold Chisel. Like this ‘Strayan music icons, Bad//Dreems communicates simple living and the frustration that along with being discontent with the hand that has been dealt. It’s hard not to hear the similarities between Dreems and the hard-bitten Aus-rock icons that have come before. It might be the Optiz influence, but regardless of intention, Bad//Dreems are a worthy successor to the storied strine-soaked lineage.

Dogs At Bay will be released on my birthday (very thoughtful of you blokes, cheers) August 21 through Ivy League.