New noise emerged today from Sydney’s The Laurels after not hearing a peep from them for a while. ‘Zodiac K’ is a suitably woozy jam that incorporates samples of an instructional mantra from the late Ayrton Senna. The recording is of the Formula 1 driver discussing pushing boundaries and limitations through the use of determination, instinct and mind power. It’s a suitable analogy for the transformative and meditative music constructed by The Laurels, who have formed the perfect soundtrack to your next insular retreat.

The inherent irony of using Senna’s thoughts on pushing boundaries aside, his words are striking in the way he communicates the effort needed to manipulate emotion and clear your mind. Although ‘Zodiac K’ blends a lot of layers into its dense sound, the song helps to single out thoughts and reduce focus to the task at hand – whatever it may be. Part of me thinks the use of Senna’s voice throughout the song takes away from the music itself, almost as if they wanted to make sure the point gets across – but it’s not a track killer.

The band has added Decoder Ring’s Jasper Fenton to the group, who will be releasing its second album this year through Rice Is Nice Records. I’m expecting The Laurels to come forth with something great, and’ ‘Zodiac K’ is a confident kick-start to the hype-machine build from here until album drop.