A new slice of subterranean dance has emerged from the brains of Sydney three-piece Black Vanilla – a song that is viscous and sickly yet addictive once ingested. Sparsely illuminated, doom-laden and thick, the notes and atmosphere of ‘Slug’ is perfect for any dive clubhouse or dank warehouse rave. The throb and pulse of the bass is forceful on the eardrums and threatens to force my heartbeat to bounce tandem with its rhythm.

The entire song is an earworm, one that burrows and twists into my grey matter and makes my head twitch up and down as if in agreement with a silent proposition. Sinister vocalisms and mantras coil around the beat, threatening in tone yet captivating once deciphered.


Waste me if you find me

The line beckons me to dig deeper into the bass-laden filth, the padded thumps and the break-beats. Addiction starts with a taste and the hook is already sunk deep. The trio of Marcus Whale, Jarred Beeler and Lavurn Lee are working towards a new mixtape, due out sometime on 2015.