Dig this cool new thing from a cool band called Cool Sounds. The group is based in Melbourne and fits in the scene also occupied by The Ocean Party, Snowy Nasdaq and Ciggie Witch. Members seem to fluctuate amongst a variety of outfits, which creates a hip and happening cross-pollination of sounds and ideas. ‘Control’ is a calming composition that fields slick production, crisp guitar and snappy stick work.

After a number of listens, I gathered that the song deals not with control of others but control of the self, particularly when it comes to infidelity and the temptation of desire. In the absence of a significant other the vocalist communicates that he needs someone to rein them in, satisfy his desires lest he seeks satisfaction in the arms of another. It’s a dark plea and confronting – evidenced immediately  when song opens with the line:

Feed me desire, I keep dreaming that I’m cheating on you

It’s a rough deal to not be in control of one’s compulsions, and whether you offer sympathy or scorn the song is beautiful and multi-dimensional. The band released and album earlier in the year on Beko Disques, a French label that is championing Australian acts overseas – very cool to see. ‘Control’ is the first single off the next Cool Sounds album, due out later this year but don’t quote me on that.