Zac Denton has come a long way as a songwriter over the past two years. After penning a few choice nuggets on some of the recent The Ocean Party albums, Zac showcases his burgeoning talent with his own creative project, Ciggie Witch. With a little bit of help from his friends, Zach turned Ciggie Witch into a fully-fledged band and last year put forth Rock and Roll Juice, a great collection of tunes that slid in nicely with the mellow scene that is being cultivated in Melbourne. I wrote that Rock and Roll Juice was particularly world-weary, introspective and laced with ennui – Ciggie Witch’s latest, ‘Look Of Pain’ continues that trend but is by far a more immediately engaging song musically.

Zac has always been able to convey his observations and ideas in a concisely structured way, emphasising the honest and literal over the metaphoric. He doesn’t shy away from his insecurities and discomfort but simply chooses to package his thoughts with music that make the uncomfortable moments easier to swallow. He isn’t breaking new ground content wise with ‘Look Of Pain’ – the song is dealing with troubles surrounding social interaction and monotony of life, not an uncommon concept – but Ciggie Witch has taken a leap by making it so enjoyable to listen to.

The Ocean Party as a collective boasts a high number of strong and capable songwriters and Zac is quickly proving to be an especially capable creative force in his own right. His backing band in Ciggie Witch boasts members from The Ocean Party and Totally Mild and he harnesses the assembled talent to its full potential on this latest track. I sincerely hope the growth continues and ‘Look Of Pain’ is a sign of things leading to another record in the near future ­– I look forward to hearing what Zac has to offer next.