Layering on the gnash thickly is the visceral Melbourne four-piece, Gentlemen. Evoking noise that sounds like it’s fuelled by a mix of potent trucker speed and methamphetamine, the group create some of the most revile crank in the Australian punk game and it’s not only caught on, it’s taken hold in the psyches of the underground. Murderous and mutinous, the two most recent offerings from Gentlemen are some of the gnarliest noise-punk tunes that have battered my ears in recent memory.

‘Gaunt Boys’ and ‘Dead Hand’ are two tracks that surfaced on the Gentleman Soundcloud recently and though they are two different animals, they have suffered the same sonic abuse. ‘Gaunt Boys’ is a warping and greasy track that is coils tightly around the inner organs and squeezes until something comes out. Marching drums, ropey bass and squalling guitars propel the song and buoy the mutilated mewl of the vocals. ‘Dead Hand’ is a short death-sprint, chased by nightmares imagined and real. It’s scary, but it’s gripping.

Gaunt Boys is available on the Pro Famine 7” available through Ken Rock Records and Dead Hand is on another 7” available on Japan’s Episode Sounds.