In Review: 100% – 100% (MOONTOWN RECORDS, 2014)


Brisbane trio 100% have released a potent cassette containing six songs of vital dance music. Power and poise mix in the pot and result in a beat-heavy brew. Drink long, drink deep.

100% craft a savagely icy form of rhythmic and futuristic dance music that could have been drawn from soundtracks of retro sci-fi films. Cool, calm and confident, 100% have come forth with a demo and a cassette release in a five month span. Eager to get the figurative ball rolling, the trio of Lena Molnar, Chloe Baxter and Grace Stevenson are wasting no time in carving a groove with their throbbing-yet-ethereal pulsing. Driving beats and creative synth work provide the foundation for the celestial vocals that are at all times forceful and melodic and foreboding and unrelenting.

The tape has some clear highlights but all six tracks are very listenable. 100% manage to squeeze enough nuanced gold out of the track list to make me very excited about more to come. Some nuggets: ‘Prisoner’ is entrancing, encompassing, winding, the vocals always seem to come from around the corner – sonic entrapment at its finest. ‘Eagle Street’ kicks off with power the sounds careen like wind between skyscrapers, blowing along the pages of yesterday’s news. Of note: mastering duties were undertaken by Roland Hlavka, a similarly minded electro-sonic stalwart who creates as Barbiturates.

This release is composed, certain and calm – signs of maturity from a young band that has already begun to make waves. 100% is sonically captivating and vibrant, conceptually on point and vital – listening is mandatory, enjoyment is inevitable. Purchase through Moontown Records.