Listen: X IN O – ‘INACTION’


This tune is apparently an unmastered taster from the forthcoming album from Kat Martian (of electro duo, Brianbeau) in her solo guise, the minimalist X in O. It’s a peculiar track, one that opens with chopped tropical percussion that are at first difficult to grasp, but once the higher notes enter and the song goes full subterranean echo I start to dig it a bit more. Where Brainbeau has more upfront groove, X in O’s subdued approach to dance music (especially in ‘Inaction’ here) is way sparser. I won’t go as far as to say that there is much body groove, but there are notes in this song that cause some inner reverberations.

X in O is bringing the chillier side of electro to the fore. In the wake of the recent wave of deep and dark bounce flooding the net it’s hard for the uninitiated to know at what part of the surface to submerge first. Starting with X in O is a safe bet, as Kat Martian has been mixing and skewing notes far longer than most. There will apparently be new stuff coming soon, but there is a large back catalogue to listen to while you wait.