Listen: DESTINY 3000 – ‘EFFIE’ (DEMO)


I just wanted to take a quick moment to acknowledge this ripper demo from Sydney group, Destiny 3000. ‘Effie’ is the title of this buzzing and punishing bit of speed-punk and despite its low-fidelity recording it’s a good piece of adrenaline-inducing crank. ‘Effie’ sounds like a muscle car stolen for a joyride – max revs with the windows down, too fast to turn and too fast to stop. It sets a relentless pace and I’d even though I’d love to hear it cleaned up I think the D.I.Y. smoke that hangs in the air makes ‘Effie’ even more visceral.

Destiny 3000 said on Facebook that it’s a track from their Demo-lition mix tape, whatever that is. Just listen to the song.