Some new sounds have been posted to the Soundcloud / YouTube of Barbiturates, a Melbourne-based musician named Roland Hlavka who is also a member of Cobwebbs. Barbiturates is sonically miles away from Cobwebbs in most regards. Where Cobwebbs lurches fitfully through a bog of noxious psych, Barbiturates flitters above the ground in a swarm of skewed techno beats and discordant disco.

‘Kristel’ is the name of the first shimmering piece and it’s all hallucinogen daydreaming and inner vibrations – Nintendo 64 soundtracks and bizarre Windows 95 screensavers. I’m not sure where this song is from or if it is an indication of more material to come and I don’t really care. This is an instant escape, an aural muscle relaxant – indulge freely and frequently.

The second and most recent track to emerge is called ‘Stale Alphamale’, a forbidding tune that is mirthless and dreary, yet enchanting. Its echoic nature makes it a pleasant listen, even if it evokes desolate and stark imagery in the brain. The clip is a hypnotic mix of skewed and looped imagery, which adds to the atmosphere. Both songs are great examples of isolationist electro-vibrancy; I’m expecting more goodness soon.