Listen: KIRKIS – ‘HYPNO’


Stutter-stepping R’n’B and electro-qurik abound in this new song from Kirkis. The Melbourne producer dropped ‘Hypno’ without notice, letting everyone pounce and gorge on the hyperactivity. It’s an incredible diddy, one that is as eclectic mix of jazz, pop, electro and R’n’B. I’d place an emphasis on the jazz aspect of the mix as it’s the most interesting facet of the Kirkis sound. Listen back to any previous tracks and you can hear the jagged notes and staccato beats reminiscent of free-form jazz instrumentation.

‘Hypno’ packs a lot of groove into its run-time with its thick bass lines and pitch-perfect vocal delivery. It’s house jazz chic with a high-top fade; free-flowing activity with neon top notes. Kirkis has one of the most recognisable sounds in Australian electronica and ‘Hypno’ is another tune that exemplifies the talent behind the aesthetic.