Catch me, I’m swooning! What a charmer! How have I missed this song? Totally Mild have got me by the short hairs two months after this song was put online. ‘Christa’ is a sublime piece of sparkly blues and that bums me way out but is also mesmerising. It’s all smoky twang and pluck, guitar sparking light each strum, fanning the embers with a slight warble. It’s a sound that would ripple pristinely through any empty bar.

The wistful and haunting vocals of Elizabeth Mitchell talk of devils and angels but referring to only one person. Melancholy seeps through completely: the song opens with the line, “hang me by my head / I’m already dead”. Cripes. Obsession, depression and back again – this strong strikes chords within. ‘Christa’ is the perfect example of saying so much with so little. I was waiting for this song to open up and fly, but it didn’t and that’s ok. By denying me that simple pleasure it’ll keep me yearning for that pay-off, it’ll keep me coming back even if it’s bad for me.

Also, the song has a new clip and it is fucking gorgeous. Peep it.

<p><a href=”″>Totally Mild – Christa</a> from <a href=””>BSR</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

‘Christa’ is the first song to come from Totally Mild’s debut album, Down Time, out April 6 on Bedroom Suck. Start anticipating now.