Matt Kennedy has been busy lately. After releasing an EP of weird electronica earlier in the year under his Excess moniker, he has come forth with a new Kitchen’s Floor tune. In the past, Matt has produced a myriad of sounds that fit somewhere along the low-fidelity spectrum, from the rough-as-guts scratch-rock of ‘116’ to the down-tempo bare essentials of ‘Deadshits’ and the hollow depressiveness of 2012’s ‘Bitter Defeat’, Kitchen’s Floor has found new areas within a sound narrowed by its own technical limitations. ‘Resident Dregs’ is a new piece of bottom-feeder rock that, again, finds Matt treading new ground.

‘Resident Dregs’ revs the motor and comes to life in a bloom of noxious noise. It’s a buzz saw of mutant garage sound that pushes and forces its way through your ribcage. Where it is reminiscent of previous KF is, of course, the nihilistic and frustrated lyricism that Matt pens so well. It’s a bit angrier this time, the vocals are hoarser and more pointed. Perhaps Matt is fed up with his surroundings and lifestyle and ‘Resident Dregs’ is an ode to his own self-disgust rather than a commentary of society at large. This tune will come out on a new 7”, arriving at some point this year through Matt’s very own Eternal Soundcheck. Look forward to nothing – except this.


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