Here is some fucked up shit courtesy of Fad and Gurner, two members of Melbourne’s dissonant electro-dissident label, Fallopian Tunes. The two tracks we have here almost defy description, but I’m gonna try anyway.

Fad is Kinlay Denning from Big Yawn and a guy called James Bad Bones. Big Yawn created dystopian electro-tunes that carried with it a certain gravitas that made it interesting but listenable. Fallopian Tunes describe Fad’s music as “anxiety building noise/dance vibes” and I get that immediately. ‘IMHOTYP/PVCVC’ sounds like a mixture of bedsprings, machinery malfunction and free-jazz percussion. This track is split into two acts that, to me, sound very much the same but with different tempos. The drums go a bit psychotic here, and the angry robotica escalates. Although it is claimed to be dance friendly you won’t find me dancing to it.

‘Epic Joy-Filled Vagina’ is a calmer beast, yet equally as bizarre. Pulse and buzz meet with oriental aural-aesthetic. It’s slower, but it comes with its own menace. The twisted world music and the ominous warp does wonders for ambiance, but remains unsettling. Emma Albury (Eko Eko Azarak/Leopard Leg), Sharryn Koppens (Dick Threats) and Fjorn Butler (Oranj Punjabi/N3 Warriors) have created a song that creates mood, but I’m not sure what that mood would be.

Overall, these are two unsettling tracks that don’t get me hyped, but do linger on the brain – thoughtful electronica that is intelligent and creative with it experimental approach to sound, but not something I will rush back to listen to again.