‘Blunt Razor’ is the latest slice from Mope City, a band that draws from a well of stylistic influences to pour out some severe and disaffected noise. Boasting members of Day Ravies, Drown Under and Snotty Babies, the trio have picked at the scab of depression and are letting the blood flow a little bit for us to see.

The darkness of the opening notes reminded me a lot of Slug Guts, with a bass heavy throb and a crooked twang decorating the guitar notes. It plays like an inner monologue of a self-harming depressive, trapped within a hole yet can only lash at the walls and lament their imprisonment. It’s a call to others to look beneath the outer layer, the bandages, and inspect the scars and wounds – look at them long and hard – then look the other person in the face.

Mope City live up to their name, this is really mopey shit but it pulls at the inner strings all the same. The mournful guitars get me all twisted up into knots, and the bass puts me in the hole. The low-pitch vocals throw dirt into the pit the music digs, and lets you become buried alive with it.

Mope City will be releasing a 7” called Halfway House on Tenth Court Records, out in late November.