Ok, so I am officially kicking myself for sleeping on New Zealand music for so long. I’m am finding more gems over there than one would have found in Gaddafi’s penthouse. Las Tetas are an all female Auckland trio that rock. I don’t know their names or much of their history but, fuck it – I can hear the songs and that’s all that matters right now.

From what I can hear, their style is a blend of heady indie-rock strum with an undercurrent of dulled, yet potent, attitude. I can hear Beaches, I can hear Miss Destiny, I can hear Bushwalking – all great acts in their own right and Las Tetas are of equal calibre. ‘Estrangers’ came out a month ago but it’s still new to me, damn it. It is a dreamy song yet it’s still got its own rollicking pace. I suppose the dreaminess comes from the languid vocals, helping create a leisurely vibe. I’d say that one thing that is notable about the Las Tetas sound is that they aren’t in much of a hurry, letting their songs burn nice and slow.

Las Tetas are coming to Australia soon (no Brisbane show though; gutted). Also of note is a possible split 12” with Frankie Boyle (Deerhunter) on Portland, Oregon label Bloodmoss. Can’t find any first-hand info on that so don’t quote me (I’m far from reputable). While you wait for that, get Las Tetas into your bloodstream and let their sound linger in your veins then give you withdrawal shakes afterwards.