Here is some new pointed dance-rock from Brisbane outfit, Calrissian. If the music is familiar to you, you might have heard this band when they went by a different name – Sorry Socrates. After losing a member and adding two new ones, Sorry Socrates changed to Calrissian and ‘Bones’ is the first slice of sound we are copping post-change.

It keeps some familiar stylistic elements from the previous incarnation of the band, taught interweaving guitar riffs and pounding drums. It’s something that Sorry Socrates were really great at so it’s good to see that Calrissian are keeping up appearances here. Touchstones here are We Are Scientists and Klaxons, Comic Sans and Teleprompter; body music, shit that makes your muscles move in rhythm.

I guess the glaring issue here is that it is still the same sound that we were hearing in 2012, that being said, this song is great. It’s got the hooks, the pulse and the spirit and it would be silly to dismiss them for keeping to their preferred style. You can break a sweat to this, summer in the club never got so heated.