So, here is what I know about Pleasure Clone:

  • They are a three-piece
  • Their names are Dave “Kochie” Grant, Will Faraday and Will Thomas
  • They are from Korong Vale (?) – population: 200
  • They are now based in Melbourne
  • They have an EP forthcoming
  • They sound pretty cool

‘Same Mistakes’ is a fuzzy piece of scrap-pop, like a We Are Scientists record and one from The Ocean Party were mixed in a blender. The concoction you are drinking is Pleasure Clone. The guitars are nicely seared and the bass is throbby – how I like it. It’s an ode to fucking up again and again (something many of us are guilty of) but it seems like this song isn’t a mistake. It’s well written and it has the right bits in the right places – it’s a good start.

It’s a nice song, perhaps not one that will make too many ripples, but coming from Korong Vale, Pleasure Clone might be used to battling up-hill for the sake of their music. Good luck in Melbourne, boys – it’s a cutthroat place (you’ll be fine).