Bam! Gone is the dreamy pop of Day Ravies and in comes… this. I don’t quite know what to call this one. I’m probably jumping in too early to have really wrapped my head around the song but, fuck it. It’s not bad, it’s pretty cool actually – I can dig it for the time being, but man, what a trip.

‘This Side Of The Fence’ draws a fine line between electro and indie pop. Warbling synths and some fuzzy guitar sit atop fragile drum machine rat-a-tats and boom-baps; it’s not jangly, it’s effervescent.

This is pretty up-front music. Day Ravies don’t care much for your pop sensibilities because they BYO’d. It gets to the point and makes an impact, something that didn’t always happen with Day Ravies before – sometimes they didn’t make an impact. I liked Tussle, sure, but I’m not going back to it often. ‘This Side Of The Fence’ is something I will think a lot more on, for better or worse.

The drum machine and synth work is pretty cool – but the vocals seem weak, washed out, not present. I suppose the trick is to hear it as a whole, with the vocals just being part of the overall sound. In this instance, the dreaminess remains – the vocals have that hypnotised, waifish sound but again, buggered if I know what is being said.

Overall, I think this is a cool song and a solid step in a new direction. I won’t make a call on whether or not it was a good step; their next album will dictate that. Speaking of which, Popfrenzy will be issuing Day Ravies’ next full length in early 2015, but there will be a 7” released this year through Beko Disques – cool! Keep yr eyes peeled.