The last piece of music we heard from ScotDrakula was the fantastic blitzkrieg of a song, ‘Break Me Up’. It was a little bit different in the way it reasoned that a garage punk song can cruise at a lower speed and still blow by you. The bass-heavy, bluesy breakdown and the yowling vocals mixed perfectly ­– it was a song I kept coming back to.

I was hoping that new single, ‘O’Clock’ would be a bit similar but it’s not the case. It’s not the end of the world, this song is a chiller but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly bummed out by it. It’s a sweet track – I know it is – it’s just a bit… tame? Restrained? It’s got pace and groove, two things that were never in any doubt and I can hear lots of people loving it, but aside from Matt Neumann’s trademark sand-throated vocals, it’s another nice garage-pop song. Shucks.

One thing I think is missing is the usual heavy throb of Dove Bailey’ bass – it’s a bit low in the mix. Go back and listen to ‘Crackstrength’ or ‘Burner’ and you’ll spot the difference. I’m missing the oomph, damn it – the oomph!

Brass tacks – this song is good, I like it because it’s got the right notes in the right places and it makes me bounce some. I’m going to throw thing one into the ‘alright’ pile. It’s not the loftiest of peaks or the most illustrious category for a song to land, but hey, could be worse.

I like Scotdrakula, they’re pretty cool. I mostly dig what they’ve got going on and I am really excited to hear their first LP. The Melbourne trio are talented enough to produce something killer and I really, really, want it to kill. Give me what I want.