This new track from Mangelwurzel is a whirling dervish of a song – rapid-fire vocals and a lot of free jazz instrumentation to back it up. The seven-piece high-energy group are gearing up to drop this on a 7” track coming out October 2.

At times this song reminds me of Man Man at their most eccentric, but with more horns and a different type of flair. Their Facebook describes Mangelwurzel as demented punk and this is accurate, but there are so many more flavours in this melting pot.

‘Hawaii’ is a barely contained freak-out. It breaks its restraints less than 30 seconds in – taught guitars squeal, backing vocals sigh coo’s and horns blare like warning klaxons. ‘Hawaii’ is hyperactivity sonically actualised and it’s a ball of fun.

Also worth checking out is their EP from January, Dead Pets – its cool too. Shame their single tour isn’t including Brisbane, I’d be front row losing my mind and dignity.