Here is some new noise from Melbourne outfit, Gold Class. Two new tracks have emerged, one of which is to be released on a limited pressing 7” in the coming month or so. ‘Michael’ and ‘Gone’ are two tightly-coiled post-punk movers. They sit in a middle space between The Chameleons and The Editors I suppose, but maybe that’s simply because vocalist Adam Curley happens to have a deep voice. His low end, joyless Ian-Curtis-baritone carries a cold wind, blowing leaves down a seldom walked footpath.

The backing unit brings some heat thanks to the taught riffage and sharp drum work but something about these songs seem empty. I’m not hearing much soul, not even a wounded soul. I like all the pieces and overall I like these songs but I don’t love them. It’s not a deal breaker as this is just their first 7” – I do think things will improve, so I’m not going to sleep on these guys.

Check out the video for ‘Michael’ below.