Trust Punks are the first group from New Zealand to be featured on Weirdo. I have been meaning to feature some NZ bands for a while – I don’t know why I haven’t. Now I figure there are too many cool things going on over there that I miss out on. If I start casting more of an eye (or ear), maybe I’ll pick up on some interesting things.

I found these guys on the excellent Ryan Saar blog, Soundly Sounds. I don’t feel bad for biting his style because it’s tasty. He didn’t love these songs as much as I do, but that’s okay. See? Blogs can expose you to new things.

Anyway, the Auckland band have some new songs out. ‘Prone Hold’ was the first song I listened too. It’s scuzz-punk played out in the brisk New Zealand air. There is smooth jangle as well as fuzz – a nice dichotomy. The vocals are clear but they aren’t pitch perfect. They are a bit sneer-y in parts, howl-y in others. It’s like Japandroids added another guitar and started playing exclusively outdoors.

‘Gordian Knot’ is a more melodic song. It’s lower on the sound spectrum across the board. It’s probably the more interesting of the two songs because of this dulled unease. The lead guitar riff is spine-tingling. It’s like the group are yelling at the walls, pouring out a grievance that isn’t made clear. Ah, it’s claustrophobic! That’s what I am trying to get at. It feels boxed in and tightly would – no southern breezes blowing through here.

Spunk Records will be releasing their debut LP, Discipline on November 13. I’ll be tuning in – y’all should join me.