Dystopian punk, schizophrenic-spat croons, manic activity: some words that describe the new song from thug-punks Exhaustion. ‘Lonely Cars’ is a teaser for the next full-length release from the band, Biker, which was apparently recorded adjacent to a Hell’s Angels clubhouse.

‘Lonely Cars’ is a quarrelsome song that carries excess amounts of throb (feel that fuckin’ bass, man) and ample guitar distortion. The directionless riffs that guitarist Duncan Blachford ekes out of his equipment adds sharp texture over the pummelling rhythm section of Jensen Tjhung (bass) and Per Byström (drums). It’s industrial machinery malfunctioning next to a primitive ritual ceremony – great noise.

Biker is coming out at the end of October through Aus-punk flag bearers, Aarght Records. I am expecting similarly grisly songs as they tunnel deeper into the unexplored depths of punks refuse.