Listen: HAMJAM – ‘LOVE’


WA psych-gaze outfit, Hamjam (a group that features members of The Growl and Gunns) have just released their brand new single in anticipation for their self-titled EP (out next month through Pilerats). ‘Love’ is the name and it is an easygoing song of sunny melody that (unfortunately) borders on being innocuous.

There is a throwback element to their psych groove that is lovely. The guitars swell and cascade smoothly – this is a well written song but there are a few things that should be said about it.

Hamjam are touted in their press release as ‘skuzzy’, ‘swampy’ and ‘thrashy’ but on ‘Love’ they are none of these things. Before you read too far into it, Hamjam are great, but the brand of psych music they are showcasing in ‘Love’ is far from jagged. It’s clean, it has sheen; it’s more like The Babe Rainbow than Pond. The shoegaze references are more apparent, but less downward looking than most in the genre. Hamjam are gazing upward, letting the sun shine on their faces.

‘Love’ is a nice song and one that is a perfect lead single to build anticipation before a EP release. It is a safe song though, one that most likely won’t linger in our memories for long. Thankfully, the EP is out in early October so this will still be fresh in our minds. I’m predicting a fine collection of songs, but in amongst the current crop of Oz-psyche I hope the other songs have more of an edge.