Drunk Mums revel in wretchedness. They are rough and tumble fellows with a penchant for chaos. They’ve been like this from the beginning – drawing on a rural Australian upbringing and turning it into an aggressive form of Ocker punk. Drunk Mums are a band you can get sick of pretty quickly, but when they reappear you remember why you enjoyed them in the first place.

‘Nanganator’ is the second single of 2014 single from the VB soaked punks and – for those of you without any awareness of bargain basement drug culture – it is an ode to ‘nangs’, or rather, nitrous oxide bulbs. Inhaling nitrous oxide creates a detachment high of a short duration – sort of like the song.

This minute-and-fifty-second song crams a lot in: societal failure, rebellion and recreational drug therapy all wrapped around an obnoxiously catchy chorus. The song isn’t saying much, but you aren’t wasting much time listening to it. It’s fast, loud and quintessentially Drunk Mums. My only issue is that the early bluesy influences the band exhibited has disappeared as their mullets have grown longer. I’m hesitant to say that ‘Nanganator’ pushes rebellion for image sake, but Drunk Mums have coasted on immaturity for a while. I’m not entirely against their approach as I’m having fun with them – but like nang bulbs themselves the effect never lasts long. I’m still curious to see what they hurl at us next, though.

Also, there is a clip for ‘Nanganator’ out now, check it: