Multiple Man are a fearsome commodity in the Brisbane scene. The twin pairing of Sean and Chris Campion have churned out some of the most primitive and stirring synth beats over the past two years; now they are showing more signs of life with their new knife-twister, ‘Persuasion’.

Known for their brand of dark, disciplined and intense techno-punk, Multiple Man have begun to refine their craft, yet retain the dystopian fear that adds weight to the (already heavy) sound.

‘Persuasion’ is a touch more melodic than previous releases, yet it still channels the primal intensity of earlier work which was more abrasive. I would describe it as feeling severely light headed at an underground rave – you aren’t safe among company here. ‘Persuasion’ conveys cold menace as well as any Multiple Man track. Anxiety lies heavy in the chest as the beats pulse; paranoia wracks the brain as the synths twist and coil.

The new wave of dark disco is well and truly exemplified and embodied with Multiple Man. ‘Persuasion’ will be on a new 12” maxi-single, to be released through Nopatience Records, Catalina Tapes and Burka For Everybody.


Watch the video for ‘Persuasion’ by Alex Dunlop: