Here is a brand new single from Brisbane band, Tempura Nights. The trio consists of members from Go Violets, Major Leagues and The Good Sports. ‘Brainroof’ is the first single to be distributed by Heath Street Wax, a brand spankin’ new label.

‘Brainroof’ is a different beast from Tempura’s previous single ‘R.I.P. Chix’, which was a more straight-forward indie rock affair. There is something a bit darker about ‘Brainroof’ that is hard to pinpoint. It is a nicely melodic tune that communicates an element of unease but one that is easy to become accustomed with.

Vocalist, Alice Rezende, sings in a forceful monotone, never hitting the higher register unless it is within the ethereal harmonies in the chorus. The guitars are searing, Jacob Knauth’s drums are unyielding and the bass-line from Andre Johansson-Walder is strong and thick.

This song is dreamy yet tumultuous, like napping during afternoon storms. It sounds like it’s about a search for sanctuary, finding it within the mind of someone else; or conversely, inserting yourself in the mind of others so they can’t shake you, or thoughts of you.

Tempura Nights have got a nice little hit on their hands. It’s different enough to stand out, but still as readily accessible as their previous work. Check it out, like, now.