Fergus Miller is back with a brand new song as Bored Nothing. ‘Ice-Cream Dreams’ continues Miller’s exploration of 90’s indie guitar music. In his usual way it’s a wistful take on his personal thoughts – the urge to move around and dreaming about things you want but not being energetic enough to go get them – yet the dreams remain.

This song is particularly delicate, sung as if he is singing to his partner in bed on an early Sunday morning. Paper thin vocals, lightly tapping drums and inoffensive acoustic guitar are timidly interspersed with an electric guitar progression.

It starts slow and doesn’t build much. It’s not an entirely bad thing, but sometimes I feel as though his lazy aesthetic is too lazy. There doesn’t seem to be much to get worked up over here, it comes and it goes and it left me unsure if there was anything to hold onto in the first place. I understand that it is most likely a stylistic choice and it’s something Miller does in a lot of his music (being bored, sounding bored), but it still feels like he has remained in his bedroom during his time off.

This song doesn’t ripple as much as some of his other work and it sucks. Not the song itself so much as how it doesn’t seem like he has gone anywhere. Miller sings, “Everything is exactly how it seems,” and in this case it’s that’s true. This song is a nice and simple track but does absolutely nothing for me.

His second LP, Some Songs, comes out on October 24 via Spunk Records (Aus) and on Oct 27 via Caroline (UK + Europe).