Listen: WIVES – ‘BURIED’


Wives is a sorta-new band from Canberra made up of members of TV Colours, Assassins 88, Beach Slut and Sex Noises. This is their new single, ‘Buried’.

It opens with some gnarly sounding guitar picking, taught and harsh; then enters the drums and some mosquito-sounding noise. The vocals are high pitched and strained, hard to understand but it all comes together to make something otherworldly and strange. A good kind of strange, but it did take me a few listens to get into it.

The group released an EP in December of last year under the name Sweet Shoppe. Indeed, there was a lot of sweetness going around; handclaps, playfulness and a lot of activity. There was a lot to like but ultimately it was a small blip on the radar. One thing that I struggled with was the at times grating nature of the vocals – maybe they are too piercing for me.

‘Buried’ is a step in a cool new direction; it’s a tad more angular, jagged and melodic. Something is preventing me from throwing my full support behind it, but maybe my attitude will change in the near future. The band has most of their material out on Cinnamon Records.